Syracuse Christian Academy, also known as SCA, is KCS's Korean Bible school.

Our firm foundation comes from the Word of God and knowing the Word of God is important in our Christian lives. 

Unlike any other Korean schools, SCA is particularly special because the program is based on using the Word of God in order to teach Korean to children. Not only do the children participate in SCA, but also adults who are interested in learning Korean and the Korean culture participate as well. Through Korean, art, music, and body worship, we share the gospel with each other by learning Bible in the Korean language.

SCA is also considered a 'communication school' where students grow and develop a way of expressing him/herself through the classes provided. With the interactions and relationships we build during SCA, we learn more about God's love and the importance of fellowship within a church community. 

SCA is held every Saturday morning during the school year. Rides are provided, as well as lunch so if you are interested, please contact any of our leaders!